07 December 2011

My Husband is Brad Pitt

No, not really, but the husband refuses to let me use his real name or post his photo on the blog because he's an anti-social freak. To this day, I do not have a proper photo with the husband - just obscene hand gestures and silly faces, like so:

Ah, the finger. How original!

(The above facsimile has not been approved by the husband so let's keep this between ourselves, shall we?)

Since I'm banned from using his real name (Jeff), and because "the husband" is so impersonal and cold, from this point forth, I shall refer to the husband as Brad Pitt.

Speaking of Mr. Pitt (the real one, not the husband), I was inspired to make a visual retrospective of my favorite Brad Pitt movie roles.

Sweet baby jesus

Thelma & Louise

Stoner Floyd

True Romance

Worst. Irish. Accent. Ever. 


Psycho Pitt

Twelve Monkeys

Finding-my-wife's-severed-head-in-a-box Pitt


Licking of computer screen permitted. 

Fight Club

You're very welcome.

1 comment:

  1. haha funny! bradd pitt wasnt irish in Snatch he was just a gypsy so thats what the accent was. just saying.. but good stuff.