16 February 2012

Wanderlust + Winter Doldrums = Travel Wish List

I like making lists. When I see a list, I see items that can be checked off as complete and ergo, a feeling of accomplishment.  It gives an illusory sense of order that I can truly appreciate.

Without further ado:  go to TRAVEL WISH LIST now.

Wanderlust at Defcon 5

Pinterest. Do you know it? I'm a tad obsessed.

I'm keeping a running visual Travel Wish List over on Pinterest as well.

Compiling the following list made me a little sad.

Places I'd Love To Revisit But Probably Won't Because The Wish List Is Ever So Long Already:
- Australia
- New Zealand
- France
- Italy
- Cuba
- Cambodia
- Thailand
- India

What's on your Top 5 Travel Wish List?

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