26 July 2012

Currently Watching: The Descendants

A big misfire for Alexander Payne, who directed "Sideways", a personal fave.

Devoid of the charm and snarky comedy that I loved about Sideways, The Descendants was a major snooze. Every plot point was telegraphed, the tone was schizophrenic - it couldn't decide if it was a family drama or trag-omedy (tragedy + comedy) - resulting in a deeply emotionally bereft and unsatisfying viewing experience. The red flag was the 20-minute voice-over in the beginning, telling the audience the entire back-story of the relationship between husband and wife. When Clooney's sonorous V.O. kicked in... and kept going... and going... (checks watch)... and still going... I knew, I just knew this was going to try my patience. Alex - show, don't tell! How was this nominated for Best Oscar?! Ugh, two big fat thumbs down.

Netflix: The Descendants

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