18 December 2012

Tap-dancing with excitement

On December 21, I will be arrivaderci-ing the usual Holiday shenanigans and traveling to Scotland with my dear friends, Kellie and Jens. (Brad Pitt is staying put at home.)

That's right, it's gonna be a kilty Xmas and a tartan New Year. Who cares if we're going at the worst possible time, weather-wise? We'll stay warm by drowning ourselves in Scotch-laced hot toddies. And haggis meat pies.

You all know I like lists, right?

Things I must do whilst in Scotland:
  • Prance around the Highlands like I've been cast in a (Scottish) reboot of the Sound of Music
  • Get stuck in a sheep crossing 
  • Pay homage to Monty Python & the Holy Grail by storming the walls of Castle Doune.
  • Sleep in an honest to goodness castle. (Arranged! 2 nights in Dalhousie Castle.)
  • Isle of Skye!
  • Stalk Ewan McGregor
  • Visit at least 1 of the whisky distilleries on this list
  • Find a pub that will televise the Dec 23 and Dec 30 Patriots' games
  • Let my movie freak flag fly - Harry Potter film locations 
  • Learn how to say "Yankee, go home" in Scottish gaelic

I'm sure there's more but those are the most important.

1 comment:

  1. Have a spectacular time!! I'd like to live vicariously through you over the next two weeks so please update and post pics frequently! at least, Daily :-D!! I <3 U!